Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tips For the Working Student

Full-time students who also have full-time jobs are part of a growing trend. The percentage of these hard workers is likely to increase in coming years. Many people who already have good jobs still feel they should have a degree, and so decide to enroll into online schools or alternative certification programs. There are also people who choose to continue their education by seeking a master's or doctorate degree in their field, but are not financially able to take time off work while they go back to school. The most difficult thing about working full-time as well as going to school full-time is working out a way to balance your very limited time. Even if your job is only part-time or you're enrolled in online classes, knowing how to manage your time between the two different worlds can be overwhelming.

If you think you need to work on your time management skills, look no further than your smartphone. There are several apps that can help you get organized and manage your time wisely. For example, ActionComplete is a free to-do list app that lets you prioritize projects, group tasks by actions, and set reminders. This app would be great for helping you decide which task is most pressing to complete. Another great app is Evernote, which is built specifically for note-taking and archiving. Among its best functions is image capture and recording voice notes. Evernote comes in 2 versions, free and paid, so it's up to you to decide which version will be more functional for your purpose.

All work/school and no play makes anyone a dull person, so finding a way to schedule some down time for you can also be a great challenge. While school and work are equally important, you must also remember to take care of yourself, or you won't be well enough to go to work or school. Making an agreement with yourself to set aside at least a few hours a week for "me" time can make a world of difference when you are totally swamped with work and education. It's especially important to make time to see old friends, as their energy and encouragement can give you the drive to keep pushing for your goals.

Finally, the best way to ensure you are able to manage your time wisely is to be sure that you are not wasting time on unnecessary coursework or a college that may be sub-par. Meeting with an advisor prior to the start of each semester is crucial for eliminating extra courses that you thought might be needed for your degree. College advisors are trained in finding ways to get the most out of your course work without adding classes that may be redundant. It's also important to find a quality college from which to take your classes. If you are unsure whether online classes are for you, take a look at a list of advantages to attending a top online college.

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