Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 Algebra Tips

Unfortunately, this is not the case as it is a prerequisite subject in most schools. Even though students fear algebra, the subject is one of the easiest especially if the right strategies and tips are followed.

1. Do not miss algebra class

You will learn quite a lot if you attend every single class instead of waiting to copy notes or asking your classmates for help. In fact, it will take you twice as much time to learn information that you missed if you skip a class. If you have a valid reason of missing class, make sure to read ahead and stay current with the rest of the class.

2. Study ahead of time.

Even though some students find reading math books boring, it is actually not. Reading a given topic before the next class makes your mind well prepared and increases the chance of you understanding what the teacher says.

3. Make sure to finish your homework.

Most teachers set exams from the homework they give in class. Thus, you need to ensure you go through the assigned work and tackle each problem. Homework is designed to give you ample practice on the topic and prepare well for the final exam. Even if the assignment given is difficult, avoid the temptation of copying from other students. You can ask for help, but do not copy.

4. Be active in class

What this means is that you should ask questions and seek for clarifications if you do not understand a given concept. Even though you might think the question you have is stupid or irrelevant, ask it anyway. You might assist other students who may have the same question but are afraid to ask.

5. Practice doing few algebra questions each day. You can start doing five questions on a daily basis and increase this number as you go on with your studies. The key to mastering algebra and any other subject is repetition.

Most students fail in algebra even before tackling a single question. The reason for this is that they believe the subject is hard, thus see no reason for paying attention to it. However, if you change your attitude towards algebra, you will enjoy it and perform better.

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